Galia is a communication designer specialising in concept & identity development for sectors that range from art and culture, aviation, fashion, beauty, and education. She also maintains her own artist’s practice with focus on heuristic research and experimental communication. For her, design is a practice of collaborative enquiry and conversation that fosters clearer understanding of clients and their work.

She is presently focused on bringing evidence-based research from independent and academic sources to wider audiences through public domain. More specifically, she is interested in working with research that directly addresses societal functioning, planetary well-being and the links between the human-constructed environment and the natural world.

She draws on years of experience in art, design, and communication to create visual and verbal narratives that explore the impacts of human activity upon its local and global surroundings.

Please get in touch if you have a project that you would like to discuss or if you are interested in collaboration.  


Clients / Studios

Alinka Echeverria, Atlantic Kitchen, Ademi Kindergarten, Aviation Equipment, Ballantine's Whiskey, BHS, The Barbican, Diageo, Eventica, Fundacion Magnolia, Futuresay, Givenchy, HB Interiors, Hobbs, Independent, Karelia Philharmonic Orchestra, Laura Tonnato, Mal Mezcal, Marius Stravinsky, Missbach Jewellery, Monika Magazine, Moss Bros , Niche Moscow, Penguin, Pico Peloton Partners, Ralf Appelbaum Associates, Trobador, V Festival.